Monthly Archives: February 2015

2 Chicks Same Time

Courtney Taylor has a problem. Her friend Carmen Caliente is starting to dress and act exactly like her. Carmen confesses that the only reason she started dressing like Courtney, is because she knew that Courtney and her husband were swingers, and she figured the more she looked like Courtney, the more likely they would invite her to join in on their fuck sessions. Carmen’s plan worked because she has Courtney and her husband fucking her in no time!

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My Friend's Hot Girl

Carmen Caliente just wants some alone time while her boyfriend is away, but Richie’s got a job that he’s able to work from home, and he doesn’t really have to leave the house. Richie gives her the green light to do whatever she needs to do while he’s there. Carmen does as she is told and slides her panties back to work on her clit. Richie turns around to find on what’s going on and is asked to give a helping hand…

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